Don't Just Sit On The Sidelines...

If you’ve ever been to a service at The Springs church there’s a good chance you’ve heard us say that this is about so much more than Sunday morning.  God didn’t establish his church so we could sit around and be entertained.   Each of us are called to get out of the stands and get into the game.  There are many ways that you can get involved beyond attending Sunday Morning Worship, here are three easy steps:

1) Join A Lifegroup
These are small groups that meet at a set time each week at different homes of people in our church.  They are places for you to worship, pray, laugh, eat, grow, and serve together with other people on the same journey you.  Each semester we have sign-up time, but if you don't want to wait, you can sign-up here

 2) Start Serving
Every Sunday morning there are a variety of things you can participate in to have a part in seeing lives redefined by the gospel.  Whether you are a people person who wants to greet people, you prefer technical equipment, you relate to kids, or you are musically talented, we have a great place for you!  You can sign up online here

 3) Give Generously
When you give at The Springs it goes beyond  paying bills, it goes to transforming lives with the refreshing news of Jesus.  We give because we know that
the stuff we chase after fades, but what we invest into the Kingdom lasts for eternity.  There are three ways to give at The Springs.  Cash/Check in the offering plate, at our Debit Card machine on Sunday mornings, or you can give securely online here.

 4) Dive In:
Finally, when you know you’ve found home, we offer a partnership class called “Dive”.  This is a place to learn more about The Springs values and mission.  You can sign-up for our next Dive class here.

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