What To Expect
We know how intimidating your first time attending a new church can be, so we want to make that as stress-free as possible.

We recommend arriving about 15 minutes before the service starts at 11:00 a.m.  This will give you a chance to park (we have special spaces just for our first time guests!), grab some coffee, check your kids KidSprings (an environment custom built for them), and receive a small gift for our first time guests.

Once you have checked your kids into KidSprings, got your gift and coffee, you can follow the signs to our worship area in the Colonnade.  Our services are very intentionally built for you.  You will experience life-changing worship; through music and spoken word.  We won't ask you to stand up or introduce yourself, we just want you to connect with God in a fresh way.

After the service, don't feel a need to rush off.  Hang around for a while and meet some new people and get more coffee.